Friday, January 22, 2010

Slicks Garage

We have partnered with Slicks Garage to create... The Futurama!

Slick and Jane are by far some of the nicest people I have ever met. I walked in to their shop the other day, told them what I wanted to do and they instantly offered their shop and expertise to help make it happen under our crazy deadline of having this up to NYC for the Armory Show.

As Jane is fond of saying..." It is so crazy, that it is right up our ally"

Next stop... HUMMER


  1. Hi - I'm a Features Journalist who would love to feature this modification. Can you contact me,


  2. Hi Jeremy
    I really love your Back To The Futurama installation.
    I hope you didn't mind but we have run a feature on you on at
    Please feel free to edit it, and do you sell your works?
    please could you drop me your contact email?
    kind regards
    John - editor

  3. Hi Jeremy,
    I hope that your well.
    I switched off your feature until i had spoken to you first. Please email me on
    John Rice

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