Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Futurama is almost here

Ok, it has been almost a month since the last update, but I am very happy to show you the almost completed Futurama Cart!

Four more days left to finish it before it heads to NYC for it's debut. Many thanks to all involved! A very special thanks to Mitch for hooking up Wheels and Tires, provided by WAC ( )

And now let me introduce you to Duke and Diesel who will be pulling the Futurama in NYC.

And just in case you were wondering... the Cart weighs very little. In fact I can stand in front of it and pull it with one hand, so Duke & Diesel will have no problem pulling this around for a few minutes. Remember the point of the Futurama is not to suggest that we all return to using horses as beasts of burden, but rather to point out the ultimate unsustainability of our current lifestyle.