Monday, January 25, 2010

The "HUMMER hating Artist"

Check out the link to this article about the ongoing HUMMER conversion, but more importantly, check out the responses at the bottom. This makes it all the more important to do this work, because many people still think a car that gets 9 miles to the gallon is a good idea.


  1. Well, you are being a little holier-than-thou about this. Yes, GM makes giant trucks, because people buy them, but what about the Chevrolet Volt?

    Would you look down at me because I want a Ford Mustang?

    Eco-thuggery makes me cry when they manage to get control of an auto-related discussion. I'm not defending the Hummer, mind you, I just think this holier-than-thou train of thought is embarassing.

  2. It's sad how many people think it's necessary to prevent a single person from expressing a point-of-view. Regardless of what your opinion is, get the hell of the way and let Jeremy express his.

  3. I'm glad to see someone finally find a use for those overblown single-occupancy armored personnel carriers.

    Add my name to the waiting list for a western style stagecoach version... or maybe a dog cart made from a Smart. ;)

  4. hmmm. interesting concept, but it might collapse under itself.


    a: new and running vs. written off hummer destroyed, resell the motor *TO BE REUSED IN ANOTHER VEHICLE* and cast off parts to pay for art against consumerism.

    b: do all the work in a hot rod shop that exists solely for the creation of second cars for those that can afford it. the yellow roadster, corvette et. all are hardly daily drivers.

    Eat the rich has been the rallying cry for so long now it may have lost it's bite. coupled with the fact that everyone reading this here is rich, and believe it - we are, it may become ironic rather than sarcastic.

    just sayin'. nice wheels on the torch tank btw.

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