Saturday, January 23, 2010


There comes a point in art and life when you have to take a risk and put it all on the line for what you believe in, so we bought a Hummer H2 and destroyed it the same day, for the sake of art.

Below is how the last 36 hours has gone.

After a frantic search to find a HUMMER at a good price, I finally located one in Orlando (of course, because they really need huge four wheel drive trucks in Orlando). Since these things are still so desirable, several other people were also interested and were on their way to check it out, including a person who was flying in from New York. So it was basically a race to see who would get there first. We made the two hour drive in record time, and got the vehicle.

Though I have been obsessing about this project for almost a year, I had never actually been in a HUMMER H2, until I bought one, and let me tell you all the stereotypes about them are true. They truly are huge, gas, guzzling tanks…

I made the drive back to Slicks Garage in Palmetto, and right away Slick was ready to get to work. He was like a kid with a new toy… that he wanted to take apart.

So we all basically work for about 36 hours and below is the result. There is no turning back now, we truly are going back to the Futurama….

the most amazing people ever! Slick and his crew make it happen.

There is no way to express how hard working and committed everyone at Slicks Garage is. They are truly some of the best people I have ever worked with and none of this would be possible without them!

Thanks Slick!


  1. Nice ride! Looks like a fun project, Jerm, good luck!

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  4. I like what you did with the hummer. Do yuo have a one horse hummer carriage for sale.